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Lost Australian Superannuation.

Lost superannuation most often occurs after the member left service or changed jobs. There is a possibility that your previous Employer paid some of your super well after you left service, and the payment got lost.

Losing superannuation contributions.

Compulsory super contributions were most often paid in time to meet the Super Guarantee Legislation. This may have been after the date that you had already transferred your known super balance to another employer's fund. As a consequence the superannuation fund to which the final contributions were sent may have been unable to accept the money.

Have you ever requested your new Employer to send your contributions to your previous Employer's superfund ? If so, that fund may not have been able to accept those contributions because your new Employer was not the specific sponsoring employer who arranged the fund.

So, your contributions may have been returned and may have ended up in a lost super account.

There are a number of free searches available for you to use.

Lost Australian superannuation search facilities.

One of these searches even allows you to assist your family and friends with their lost super contributions.

A friend or relative who is unable to conduct a search due to a disability or incapacity would appreciate your assistance.

Answer the following questions to find your lost superannuation:

Q1. Have you changed jobs or left the workforce since you joined a superfund ?
Q2. Have you worked and changed jobs since superannuation contributions became compulsory in July 1992 ?
Q3. Did you belong to a fund to which your Employer contributed in terms of an award or contract ?

Find your lost superannuation here.
Visit one of these websites and search for any superannuation funds you may have forgotten about.
Fido - Australian securities and Investments Commission | Superseeker - Australian Taxation Office

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