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Income Protection Insurance

If sudden illness or injury from an accident happens to you as an employee it may mean that you can not earn a living for a period of time. If you own a company and it happens to a member of your staff, it can cause plenty of havoc and anxiety at an organization, even in the most stable and established company.

Income protection insurance cover for employees.

Many people are too busy earning a living, so much so that they hardly have the time to stop and think of the possible dangers, of what would happen to them and their families and dependants if they were not able to work for any reason.

They continue with life oblivious of the dangers that they expose themselves to by not taking any precautionary measures. Precautionary measures are mainly in the form of insurance cover. In particular we are talking about Income protection insurance here.

Group income protection insurance is a cover that offers both the employer and the employee protection against sudden illness or injury on the employee that would incapacitate them or make him or her unable to work. Group Income protection covers a portion of an employee's salary should illness or injuries prevent eligible employees from working.

Employers benefit by employee income protection insurance.

Although both the employer and the employee suffer serious consequences in the event of the employee being unable to work for extended periods of time, most people do not realize just how serious it can be to the employer as well. This is precisely the reason why Income Protection Insurance not only makes sense but provides a number of key advantages to both parties who come under the umbrella of such a cover.

Any sole family bread winner or income earner is bound to feel much more comfortable and secure about their future and that of their family after they have taken out some form of income protection insurance. It really does not matter how basic an insurance policy somebody takes out, as long as it takes care of income loss.

Income Protection Insurance Calculator

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Income Protection Insurance
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